Rosalie Rose Lulis

About me

I’m an accountant and college instructor with 14+ years of accounting, management, sales and startup experience.

I started my career as a sales manager for a company that sold machinery to manufacturers. I spent a lot of time cold calling business owners and managers trying to locate machinery they had to sell. When I moved across the country, I was hired as the manager of an architecture firm in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

The architecture firm specialized in commercial and church architecture and also had its hands in some projects around town, so I ended up not only managing the firm, but also managing a property development company. It was here that I was introduced to the world of business finances and taxes, as I was responsible for all bookkeeping and working with the firm’s accountant.

After seven years, when I was the last to be laid-off from the architecture firm in 2009 (during the recession!), I tapped into my existing business network, which was largely comprised of architects, engineers and consultants. And, this is where my specialization in S corporations and professional corporations started, as most are taxed as S-corps.

Many years later, most of my corporate clients are taxed as S-corps, so my expertise includes taxation planning and compliance for S-corps. I specialize in working with companies that are part of the creative economy (architecture firms, consultants, IT, galleries and photographers).

I received a B.S. degree Summa Cum Laude in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University. After this, I completed a concentration in accounting.

I teach business formation, small business bookkeeping and QuickBooks classes at A-B Technical Community College. And, I’m a past member of the Board of Directors at the American Advertising Federation – Asheville Chapter.