“Rosalie is an amazing accountant and business advisor! She is very talented, easy to work with and is incredible with the details. I highly recommend Rosalie for anyone who is looking for a highly invested business partner to help with accounting and any other business matters that come with being self employed.”

Julie DurigaCPA & Executive Recruiter, SNI Financial

“I would recommend Rosalie to any company in search of an inspiring, results oriented business consultant who listens well, thinks outside the box and has a collaborative spirit.”

Sarah BenoitCo-Founder, JB Media Institute LLC

“As an independent inventor, my business is somewhat non-standard and sometimes rather complicated... ...Rose gets it right... ...She is efficient, utterly competent and I'm sure will frequently save a business more than she charges for her services...”

Paul VoInventor & Product Developer

“I would highly recommend Rose to any small business owner, sole proprietor, or freelancer needing to develop accounting systems to make your business run more smoothly.”

Francie GenzPrincipal, Genz Consulting

“Rose’s impeccable organizational, accounting, tax, human resources, and technological skills have been invaluable to the success of many of my small business clients over the 10 years we have worked together... ...I have seen Rose make sense out of poorly kept records by establishing sound processes, skillfully represent clients under audit, navigate sensitive employment issues, and guide clients as they grew their businesses... ...I would highly recommend Rose to any business that seeks to partner with an accountant whose business acumen will free them to focus on what makes their business successful.”

Carole OwenbyCPA

“Rose and I have worked together since 2011, and she has been intensely reliable during this time... ...Her communication skills and even temper have been critical in dealing with our 90+ artists who are often confused by statements and finances.”

Lauren Word Watterson, MFAOwner & Creative Director, ZaPow!, Inc.

“Rose is a great teacher who explains things in a very easy to understand and logical manner. With her help, we were able to secure a $250,000 SBA loan.”

Yuka IoroiCo-Owner of Cassava Restaurant

“...Rose came through! She was quick to understand the scope of our company and its financial reporting requirements... ...Rose's coaching and tutoring gave me the confidence that I required in my new role. Without her dedication and support, I would've been lost in a world of corporate expectations and demands. She was my mentor in more than just finances--she became a loyal confidante, friend and a strong, firm coach. She's one-of-a-kind!”

Bessy FarmerFinance Manager, Carolina Management Team

“...Rose is professional, conscientious, and trustworthy. I have complete confidence in her and know that she’s taking good care of our business. And to top it off, she’s a pleasure to work with and willing to give the extra effort when called upon.”

Jeff DaltonArchitect & President, Rowhouse Architects

“...The very best results occurred once Rose began taking care of my accounting system and maintaining my books 5+ years ago... ...She brings to the table a very real understanding of accounting, bookkeeping and taxes; and generously offers this understanding with great clarity...”

Angela StottPhotographer & Real Estate Broker

“I’ve hired Rosalie as a contracted instructor leading classes on bookkeeping and business formation for the last several years. Her level of professionalism and depth of knowledge make her easy to work with as well as a student favorite... ...Selected excerpts from student feedback: "This course was incredibly easy to follow and thorough." "Out of all presentations…Rose was the best!" "Rose is knowledgeable and an interesting presenter." "The presenter is a very good speaker. Very organized in her speaking." "Excellent facilitator!" "The instructor is very knowledgeable and engaging."”

Amber BakerProgram Coordinator, BioNetwork